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I’ve worked closely with Amica and I want my daughter to be with Amica when I can’t be with her. Her values are ones I want imbued in my child. She has an extraordinary gift for understanding children’s stated and unstated needs and for providing the most stimulating activities and opportunities for their individual needs.

Peter E., Elementary School Teacher and father

My children enjoy going to Amica’s preschool and I love hearing about all the adventures and new experiences they’re exposed to. It’s a safe and enriching place to bring my children where they’re provided healthy lunches and snacks. It’s reasonably priced too.

Lisa A., Audiologist and mother

Amica is very health conscious in the food she serves the children, and she uses as many organic and whole foods as possible. I found the science center particularly interesting with live critters brought in from outdoors. All live specimens were in their own containers and they were released back into nature unharmed after their short visit to the classroom. I got a very positive feeling from this center, especially after observing the teacher with the children.

Ella R., Formal Observation by Early Childhood Educator

Amica has an uncanny understanding of Music harmony preschool daycare Ashevillewhat children need, how they think and feel, and what inspires in them a sense of security, confidence, and creativity. She takes obvious delight in creating a veritable wonderland where children can learn and play to their hearts content. Her preschool is such a wonderland. Children participate in creating the daily program. Their interests, passions, and needs are what drive the curriculum.

Linda S., School Administrator

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