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How are we different from a daycare?

Many daycare centers are quite large and institutional. Teacher turnover is high and they may never get to know your child. Teachers changeover during the day, and important information may not be conveyed to the next teacher, or to you. There are often 50 to 100 or more children in a daycare, too many to allow for individual attention for your child. This might be okay for an older child who is already in school, as an inexpensive alternative to after school care, if they’re at least 8 years old and relatively independent.

How are we different from babysitting or private child care?

For those who can afford it, private child care offers the most flexibility for your schedule. But its only as good as the individual providing it, and many babysitters have little if any training in child development. They’re often not licensed, not held to any standard, and have no continuing education requirements. With private child care, your child won’t have the variety of materials and enrichment opportunities, or the interaction with other children required to practice social skills. Our preschool helps children get ready for kindergarten, but in an informal, playful way.

How are we different from other preschools?

We have a lower child to teacher ratio and smaller class size than most preschools (and quite a lot smaller than a daycare). We’re open through the summer months and longer hours each day (like a daycare). We accept school age children for after school care and during school holidays. We’re more affordable than most preschools and offer partial week enrollment. Our play-based curriculum and child-directed activities allow more unstructured time and individual attention.

Why Choose Harmony?

  • Our experienced and caring staff are committed to your child’s well being;
  • Low child to teacher ratio, small class size;Nature Play Day Care
  • Meals and snacks of nutritious whole foods are provided;
  • A healthy and safe environment (see Environment)
  • Trained teachers who understand stages of child development;
  • Age-appropriate activities that emphasize learning through play;
  • Enrichment activities like singing, gardening, drama, dance, art, and cooking;
  • Children choose from a wide array of activities, indoors and out;
  • Partial week enrollment available, and open during summer months;
  • Competitive rates;
  • Owner operated, home based environment;
  • Our commitment to safety and perfect safety record: no serious injuries in 35 years;
  • We work in harmony with families to inspire a child’s inborn enthusiasm for a lifetime of learning.
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