Harmony Preschool children Asheville, NC

Amica with preschool children

Amica Venturi is the Founder of Harmony Preschool and its Lead Teacher. She has over 35 years experience as an early childhood educator in California, British Columbia, and for the past 10 years in Asheville.

Amica has dedicated herself to providing top quality education for children. She was a supervisor and teacher of a Head Start program for 6 years in California. During that time she used the High Scope Teaching Method which is similar to The Creative Curriculum. She has learned to keenly observe children and use those observations to choose an activity that meets the needs of the individual child. An example of this “Interest Based Learning” is a child fascinated by dinosaurs is taught math, language, or art by using dinosaurs as part of the teaching process.

Amica is currently an active member of the Family Childcare Home Association, and has been active in several professional early childhood educators associations, such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children: www.naeyc.org

Amica loves to sing, both with the children and to larger audiences. She was formerly a member of the Universal Gospel Choir.

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